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ENJOY Buenos Aires Luggage free. 

Welcome to our luggage storage store in Buenos Aires! We are pleased to offer you a safe and reliable service so that you can enjoy your time in the city without worries.

How does it work?

Bring your luggage

It doesn’t matter weight or size

Leave it with us

Don’t worry, they’re safe with us

... and Enjoy!

Completely free of heavy weight

Our Services

Luggage Storage

Airport Transfer

(48 hours in advance needed)

Luggage Pick-up & Delivery

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Store recommended by Airbnb Hosts

50min. Away from international Airport (EZE)

15min. Away from National Airport

10min. Away from City Center

Frequenly Asked Questions

You just have to come to our store to leave your luggage, and it is not necessary to have a previous reservation.
Right here we will check-in your belongings in our system, and we will store it in our deposits.
Payment for the service will be made at the time of check-out, at the end of your stay.
Check-out or baggage claim can be done at any time of the day until 7:00 p.m.

You only need a document (ID) that proves your identity.
You need to present your identity document (ID) and luggage ticket that will be delivered at the time of check-in.

The cost of the service will be subject to the number of packages, size and length of stay in our store.
Rates are calculated per day, and we have a reduced rate up to 3 hours.
You can check our rates in the “PRICES” section of the main menu.

You can store your luggage for as long as you need. days, weeks or months.

Check here the size of your luggage in cm.

The reservation of the transfers is taken 48 hours before, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
To confirm your reservation you must write to us by whatsapp, detailing:

For arrivals:
Passenger name, flight number, airport, date and time of arrival in the city of BS AS, amount of luggage and destination.

For departures:
Passenger name, date and time, airport, amount of luggage and destination.

If you are in transit through Buenos Aires and you need us to collect your luggage to store it in our store, you must write to us by WhatsApp, detailing:

For baggage claim:
Name of the passenger, date and time of collection, amount of luggage and address.

For DELIVERY luggage delivery:
Name of the passenger, date and time of delivery, amount of luggage and destination address.
Payment for the service is made at the time of delivery only in cash.

For luggage delivery in STORE:
The delivery of the luggage must be made in our store.
Payment for the service is made at the time of check-out with any of our accepted means of payment.

These elements are prohibited and LUGGAGE STORA BA reserves the right of admission in the following cases:

* Perishable food
* Animals
* Plants
* Narcotics
* Firearms

In case of suspicion, our staff will be authorized to check the interior of the luggage and notify the corresponding authorities.

Estamos abiertos todos los días del año, de 10 a 19hs.

Don’t worry! Contact us immediately, and we will give you the shipping options (national or international) to recover your luggage.

*The shipping cost will be borne by the customer.
*Luggage Storage BA is not responsible for the cost of shipping the luggage in national or international territory, nor for its integrity once it leaves our establishment.


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